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Gerodias Suchianco Estrella

What’s New

On 09 August 2023, GSE Law conducted a Data Privacy Seminar for DES Financing Corporation (DES Financing) in its head office in Cubao, Quezon City. Founded in 1987, DES Financing is one of the largest financing companies in the Philippines with more than 500 employees and 11,000 clients.

The Seminar, headed by Atty. Chino Rivera, Atty. Alyssa Almonte, and Atty. Hazel Dee, aimed to raise awareness on the applicable laws and regulations regarding Data Privacy. With more than 40 in-person attendees and simultaneous online participation of DES Financing’s 16 branches nationwide, the seminar proved to be a significant step in shedding light on the developing landscape of Data Privacy.

Both in-person attendees and online participants actively engaged in a fruitful Q&A with the speakers, enlightening the pressing Data Privacy concerns and real-world scenarios faced by DES Financing.